Service in the Troubled Times (Ps. 31:14-24)

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David experienced more difficulty and hardship than most of us probably will ever have to deal with.  Yet throughout all these times, he remained focused on God and his plan.  David relies on the sovereign goodness of God in the difficulty of life.  When we face struggles in this life, sometimes we are tempted to grow complacent in our walk with God.  We have a mindset that says, “God isn’t doing anything for me.  What’s the point in doing all this for him?”  Yet this type of approach to difficult times shows that we don’t fully embrace the Gospel, the good news of God’s unmerited favor.  This psalm instead calls us to faithfulness, for it is the saints who “love the Lord” and are “faithful” who are preserved by him (v. 23).
Father, we pray for an extra sense of your presence when we are difficult times.  We confess that when we don’t feel you near, we are tempted to turn our backs on you.  Help us to remain faithful to you, through the power of your Holy Spirit.  Amen.

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