Joyful Service: Big or Small (1 Ch. 23:28-32)

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“There are no small parts, only small actors” goes the old theater adage, meaning that all parts are vital to the production of a play.  In the same way, all roles–great or small, visible or invisible–are vital to the life of the church.  During the 1600’s, there was a French monk named Brother Lawrence who served in his monastery’s kitchen for his entire life.  Near the end of decades of washing dishes, Lawrence wrote a book reflecting on his years of ministry called The Practice of the Presence of God.  In this book, Lawrence describes the importance of all work, for all work can be done as an act of fellowship with God and to his glory (cf. Col. 3:23).  Oh, that we would have the same mindset when serving God, not focused on the outward importance of our work but rather on serving God whole-heartedly!

This is the heart that we see in the Levites in these verses: not only do they do work that may seem menial, but they do it full of praise for God, offering praise and thanksgiving to God every morning.  And while we may think that things like ‘assisting with the showbread’ are insignificant and unimportant, they were a small, but no less important part of the worship of God in the Old Testament.
Dear Father, we ask that we would have the same hearts as the Levites: that no matter the task, we would earnestly and eagerly seek to serve you.  And while serving you, we ask that you would give us hearts that overflow with praise for your goodness and mercy.  In the name of Jesus, the Humble Servant we pray, Amen.

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