Politically Incorrect

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In our politically correct world, sometimes a little political incorrect-ness is needed, especially in preaching and sharing the gospel.  Check out this wise excerpt from an interview with Randy Alcorn:

“It is impossible to make a balanced statement.” (And yes, even that is an unbalanced statement.) You can spend all day qualifying what you’re saying and removing the punch from it. Jesus made many statements that have to be clarified by others (e.g. plucking out your eye and cutting off your hand, and hating your family). But it is a mistake to strip such statements of their power by immediately modifying them and saying what they don’t mean instead of what they do. I think we are free to make prophetic statements without always qualifying them. 

Similarly, it is impossible to speak the gospel truth without offending some people. We should always speak the truth in love, and we should be full of grace and truth, yes. But in the end we also need to be bold enough not to water down the message. Many pastors and Christian leaders and Christians in every walk of life are imagining they can reach the world more effectively if they stay away from saying anything controversial. Well, the gospel itself is highly controversial. It offers a wonderful life-changing gift, but it also calls us names (sinners). It demands that we recognize we deserve to go to hell, and repent and admit our wickedness. And that we bow our knees to Jesus and step down off the throne of our lives. Apart from a saving work of God’s Spirit, people cannot do that, and they will ultimately feel slighted and offended when they hear the gospel, including the claim that Jesus is the only way to Heaven.

 All too often, the church tries its hardest to maintain a sense of civility with our secular age.  And I’m all for civility–but too often this civility comes at the expense of the prophetic voice.  Let us not lose our prophetic role in this world!

The full interview can be found here.


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