Having Trouble Understanding those Sermons?

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It’s an all-too-often stated phrase after Sunday mornings: “I’m sure the sermon was good, I just didn’t understand it.  It was just too deep for me.”  John MacArthur has some helpful words in response:

“It’s very easy to be hard to understand, very easy.   All you have to do is not know what you’re talking about and nobody else will either.  Sometimes you hear somebody speak and you think “It’s too deep for me.”  Probably not.  Probably you didn’t understand it because they didn’t understand it.  It’s very hard to be crystal clear because you have to have mastered your understanding.  And when you respond to a preacher and you get the message, it’s because they have done the hard work of understanding it in their own mind so that they can convey it clearly to you because they understand it clearly.  That is what has impact on people’s lives.  Just mumbling about the Bible with a lack of clarity doesn’t have a positive effect.  Speaking the word of God (so that it can be) clearly understood is what brings its impact to the heart.  And that takes effort.”

John MacArthur


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