Strategy in the Church

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This excerpt is from J.D. Payne’s Discovering Church Planting.  As Christians relying on the Holy Spirit, the word ‘strategy’ is often seen as a contentious word.  In these situations, we often replace the word ‘strategy’ with ‘pragmatism’.  Payne proposes a great approach to strategy that relies on the Holy Spirit’s guidance.


This component of the process involves prayer, people group and community research (see chapter twelve on contextualization), development of an end vision and goals, and an understanding of the church planting team’s values, mission, and purpose.
The development component involves planning the action steps of how the team will move from where it is to where it believes the Spirit desires it to go in the process of church planting.
Strategic planning is a practical activity.  It cannot be accomplished in a classroom or laboratory.  There must be the implementation of the action steps.  All of the research, planning, and dreaming must be applied to the context
In light of their goals and the Spirit’s leading, church planters must constantly be evaluating the overall progress of the work.  Biblical stewardship demands healthy checkups from time to time and the necessary adjustments that follow.

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