Recommended Books on Theology

Looking for some reading on specific theological topics?  Look no further:


From Eden to the New Jerusalem by T.D. Alexander

This biblical theology primer is one of the best I’ve read.  Tracing the theme of God’s presence with his people from the beginning of Genesis 1 to the end of Revelation 22, this short book was engaging and is now filled with underlines and notes.  If you aren’t familiar with biblical theology, then this is a great book to start with, as it is very accessible.





Union with Christ by J. Todd Billings

Union with Christ looks at—you guessed it—what Scripture tells us about the believer’s union with Christ upon salvation.  This is a short, well-thought out book on a crucial, but also neglected, part of theology today.







Jesus and the God of Israel by Richard Bauckham

Bauckham’s book is not the easiest to read, but his compelling argument is crucial for the church.  In an academic climate where the divinity of Christ (and by extension the Trinity) were created in by the Nicean church, Bauckham looks at the Scriptural evidence and shows us that the belief in a divine Jesus is the only way to make sense of the Scriptural evidence.  If you can’t make it through the whole book, at least be sure to look at the first chapter (or essay), which is his strongest argument.




Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God by J.I. Packer

This book is a bit more on the popular level than the rest of the books here, but is still not the easiest read.  Packer wrestles with the age-old question about the connection between human’s free will and God’s sovereign will, arguing that the sovereignty of God—far from being a hindrance to evangelism—is the only true and worthwhile basis to fruitful evangelism.


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